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SHELTER is a consulting company founded in 2010 by senior professionals in environmental, health and safety businesses.
The company is based in Milan and it is composed of about 20 employees plus an intensive collaboration with partners.

SHELTER provides in the industry market the following consultancy services: Permitting, Compliance, Audit, Environmental Monitoring, Legal Advisor.
SHELTER is able to provide professional consulting services differentiating the approach and content as per Clients expectations.

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Added values

logo listHealth & Safety high standards
logo listH&S Integration within project activities

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nabucco pipes

Client Situation

Nabucco is the flagship Project in the Southern gas corridor and will transport Caspian gas to European markets.

The Nabucco West Project will begin at the Turkish-Bulgarian border, traversing Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary and ending at the Central European gas hub, Baumgarten, in Austria. The capacity of the 48 inch diameter, 1329 km pipeline is scalable between 10-23 bcm.

SAIPEM-ILF has been awarded by Nabucco (NIC) for the FEED revision activities for the Nabucco West Project including HSE revision and developing/revise the project documentation.


  • Guarantee the H&S compliance with local country legislations and NIC HSE standards 
  • Develop appropriate H&S documentation for project FEED stage activities 
  • Coordinate and engage the local sub-contractors on the H&S aspects connected to the field survey activities


  • Develop and implement the project H&S documentation in compliance with the NIC HSE Management System
  • Involve and coordinate the local sub-contractors for developing and implementing project H&S documentation during field survey operations
  • Train project personnel on H&S aspects
  • Perform H&S audits on local sub-contratcors


  • Health & Safety Project Manager Position
  • H&S Plan development and implementation
  • H&S procedures development as: Travel safety management, FEED Project surveys - H&S requirements and H&S Audit Programme
  • H&S local sub-contractors document revision
  • H&S training activities
  • H&S audits of local sub-contratcors in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania
  • Interface with the Project Country Managers

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