Integrated certification: the benefits for the company and for the customers

Since the beginning, SHELTER has adopted a Quality Management System to provide itself organizational rules typical of large companies operating in international contexts. The Quality Management System has been certified since 2015 according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, while the commitment to the Environment, Health and Safety is certified by the adoption of certified management systems in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14001 (from 2015) and UNI EN ISO 45001 (from 2017, initially in accordance with the BS OHSAS 18001 standard).

Today our company has unified the management systems already adopted, and individually certified for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, into a single HSEQ management system, obtaining the relative certification as an “integrated system”.

Certifying the management system in compliance with the reference standards represents our will to manage the issues Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (in an acronym “HSEQ”) through an organizational model with a prevention view, with the aim of obtaining a continuous improvement in performance.

An integrated system will allow the company to manage the HSEQ aspects with the same methodological approach, as well as having further advantages:

  • an update from an organizational and strategic point of view;
  • an update from an organizational and strategic point of view;
  • the creation of a single improvement plan that simultaneously considers the HSEQ aspects;
  • the involvement of staff, at any level, to contribute to the efficiency of the management of the HSEQ aspects and system;
  • simplification from a documentary point of view (now some records will be integrated and, therefore, the data will be easier to monitor and manage);
  • an increase in the company rating.

Finally, an efficient Certified Integrated Management System will help to improve our services, always aiming for the best possible customer satisfaction.

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