The partnership with RSK Group is getting closer and closer

On Friday 19th November 2021 SHELTER finalized the purchase of further shares of RSK Environment Italia S.r.l., going from 17% to 25% of the company's shareholding.

We have achieved the goal we set for ourselves in 2018: from an initial participation of 10% we had planned to be able to reach 25% following the achievement of a series of objectives. They were: the identification of new opportunities through new customers, the growth of turnover and the implementation of group’s QHSE standards. In this way, SHELTER consolidates the partnership with RSK Environment Limited, the parent company that holds 75% of RSK Environment Italia S.r.l..

RSK Environment Limited, an English company founded in 1989, is certified and accredited as per ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. It’s one of the largest private consulting firms in Europe engaged in providing environmental, health & safety services for companies and businesses operating mainly in Europe, ex Soviet Union, Middle East and Africa, thanks to the work of over 2,500 people distributed in more than 90 offices.

The core business of RSK Environment Italia S.r.l is environmental Due Diligence: investigations and remediation of contaminated soil, subsoil and groundwater, site-specific risk analysis, decommissioning. The company has been present in our offices in Milan since 2018.

The collaboration with RSK Environment Ltd was born in 2015 with the TAP project, in Puglia, and today we are working on various projects and opportunities abroad, including the prestigious NEOM project.

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