Our archaeological services

Our multidisciplinary approach covers the entire life cycle of works or activities that have potential impacts on the territory.

From 2020 preventive archaeology (Article 28 paragraph 4 of Legislative Decree 42/2004 and Article 25 of Legislative Decree 50/2016) has been included among the internal skills of SHELTER thanks to the new orders for on site archaeological assistance and for the drafting of Archaeological Impact Assessments (ViARCH) for network works in very complex territories from the landscape and historical-archaeological point of view.

In the photo, our archaeologists are engaged in the field survey (or surface archaeological reconnaissance), one of the activities that characterize the preliminary verification procedure of the archaeological interest as it is aimed at verifying, analysing and mapping the traces identified with indirect investigation methods such as archaeological photo-interpretation or to identify any unknown sites of archaeological interest through the study of archaeological remains such as ceramic pottery or construction materials present on the surface of the fields.

Through the cataloguing and analysis of all the archaeological data, the maps of the archaeological potential of the territory under study will be elaborated and, starting from these, by relating the findings and their typology with works as part of the project, the risk evaluation or archaeological impact of the project will be carried out with the aim of providing the client and authorities with the greatest possible support for obtaining authorizations and any optimization of the design.

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