Why work in SHELTER: values and prospects

We founded SHELTER Srl in 2010, thanks to the idea of a group of colleagues who worked together at a multinational company in the HSE consultancy sector. Our ambition is to be able to create a company capable of being autonomous, flexible, meritocratic and sustainable in order to enter into the Italian and International markets as big players.

Today, we are a multidisciplinary team of professionals who help and support companies with passion and curiosity, stimulated by all of the activities that can be carried out in the fields of Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE).Le attività di impegno sociale in cui siamo concretamente attivi riguardano sia le persone sia l'ambiente:

We have created an organized, youthful and flexible company reality.

The professional growth of each one of our team members develops according to meritocracy while paying attention to the human side.

For us, each individual is important and makes a difference, resulting in everyone making a difference together.

Each member of our team feels involved, which keeps their level of motivation and commitment high.

Attention to people

Our staff has grown to include 20 members, while maintaining a personal, human focus.

The proof of this is evident in:

- the use of long-term contracts;

- a multi-year training program;

- an open environment where staff feels comfortable to express themselves and their needs and an attention to sustainable mobility by offering our employees annual passes for public transportation in order to reach the office.

The result is a loyal, happy staff which also results in a very low staff turnover.

Career Prospects

Being a consultant in SHELTER means working in an international context, travelling, speaking other languages and being in touch with very different cultures, including business ones.

We help to build vital infrastructures, developing projects, restoring landscapes and growing commercial activities, keeping sustainability in mind.

In conclusion, being one of our engineers, scientists, consultants and managers means being driven by a common purpose in delivering a better world.

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