Partnership: that’s who we work with

We work in an international context and, in order to meet the demands of our customers, we have always explored the market trying to identify reliable partners with offices located abroad.

What we were looking for was a company that was active in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. The first contact with RSK Group Limited, an English company, took place via social networks. The collaboration was born after the visit of their Business Director to the SHELTER headquarters, having understood that “we” had a common vision.

The partnership agreement with RSK Group Limited has allowed us to improve the offer of HSE services to our customers abroad (Environment, Health and Safety).

The project that inaugurated this collaboration is also the most important in the ten-year history of our company, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), a gas pipeline that crosses Greece and Albania from the Greek-Turkish border to land in Italy, on the Adriatic coast of the province of Lecce, allowing the flow of natural gas from the Caspian Sea area (Azerbaijan) to Italy and Europe.

A prestigious and challenging project which immediately tested the efficiency of the partnership with RSK.

The good results of the partnership allowed us in 2017 to take over a portion of the shares of RSK Environment Italia Srl, the first headquarters of RSK Group Limited in Italy, actively contributing to company management and being part of the board of directors.The services provided by RSK Environment Italia Srl are complementary to ours, supporting us in the characterization and remediation of contaminated sites.

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