Emission Trading

Service: Audit

Abstract: Verification of the correct application of the monitoring plans according to the Emission Trading Directive in the 4 production sites of the Clients based in Italy. With six-monthly audits, we have guaranteed the compliance of the authorization, in accordance with current national and European legislation, the emissions monitoring plan and its application, for the purpose of determining the quantities of CO2 emitted by each individual plant.

Client: Manufactor

Period: 2012-2020

Initial client situation

Faced with the entry into the field of application of the Emission Trading Directive, the company needed to verify that the ETS management was in compliance with the requirements of the ETS regulation and with what was declared in the monitoring plans approved by the competent authority.

SHELTER activities

With six-monthly checks we have guaranteed the compliance of the authorization in accordance with Legislative Decree 30/2013 (Implementation of Directive 2009/29 / EC which amends directive 2003/87 / EC in order to improve and extend the Community system for the exchange of quotas of greenhouse gas emissions) and the emissions monitoring plan in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) No. 601/2012 (which replaces Decision 2007/589 / EC).

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