Criminal proceedings

Service: Legal

Abstract: Expert   witness   in   a   criminal   proceeding   for   asbestos   related   occupational diseases, Northern Italy. We have provided assistance to  the  Legal  Department  of  the  Client  during  all  phases  of  the  criminal proceeding. In particular, the activities included specific documentary  searches  at  the  site,  the  historical  reconstruction  of  the  working  careers  of  the  offended  parties  in  the  criminal proceeding and of the specific asbestos exposure scenarios.

Client: Oil&gas 

Period: 2013-2016

Initial client situation

A major Oil&Gas Company was charged with having not adopted the appropriate measures to protect the workers exposed to asbestos at the workplace of an industrial site, from the late 1950s to the early 1990s, with a consequent increase in the number of cases of occupational diseases and deaths related to exposure to asbestos.

The Legal Department of the Client requested our technical assistance for the evaluation of the industrial hygiene issues management issues at the site, in particular for the evaluation of the working conditions and asbestos exposure scenarios of the workers in the reference period.

SHELTER activities

We have provided assistance to the Legal Department of the Client during all phases of the criminal proceedings. In particular, the activities included:

  • Specific documentary searches at the site, the historical reconstruction of the working careers of the offended parties in the criminal proceedings and of the specific asbestos exposure scenarios;
  • The coordination and execution of specific studies and the drafting of technical support reports;
  • Participation in coordination meetings between Technical Consultants and Legal Consultants;
  • Preparatory activities for hearings, participation in hearings and depositions as Expert Witness.

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