SHELTER, the new company structure

We have been working on a company reorganization for some time. The goal was to allow senior employees to buy shares of the company, to motivate them, to retain them, to make them feel even more part of our growth strategy, to reward them for what they are doing and also to recognize part of the profits.

The administrative process to get to offer this opportunity lasted a year and led to review the company statute. An auditor and a statutory auditor have been appointed to ascertain the financial statements, so that they are even more controlled.

Arranged the cards, we welcomed Claudio Scura as a new partner of SHELTER. In reality, Claudio has always moved, since the beginning of our collaboration, as if he was a real partner, immediately taking care of the company.

"When they proposed me to join SHELTER, I had no doubt", Claudio told us, "a group of people with a high human and technical skills that was being born and it going to cover an open market segment, guaranteeing the Client at the same time the professionalism of the major HSE multinationals and the flexibility typical of the small consultancy firms. The facts are supporting us: SHELTER has become a point of reference for Clients at national and international level who continue to trust in our collaborative approach, based on being always close to the Client and making their challenges our ones!".

Claudio expresses what our company needs to grow:

  • management of human relationships: he has always been respectful of all while requiring the maximum effort to achieve corporate and Client objectives;
  • technical capacity: innovating in the services that the Clients asked for;
  • commercial capacity: he was essential in identifying the RSK partner and in the negotiation that led us to acquire the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project.

Claudio's formal entry into the company structure was therefore a matter of course.

Welcome Claudio!

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