Decommissioning procedure

Service: Permitting

Abstract: Delivery of the technical documentation for the request for the decommissioning of the plants, of the technical documentation for the exit from the field of application of theIPPC Regulation (obtaining the subsequent required provincial authorizations) and of the general plan for the decommissioning of the refining activities.

Client: Oil&Gas.

Period: 2011

Initial Client Situation

Following the decision to dismiss the refining business at its Cremona site and the consequent conversion to mineral oil storage, the company needed technical assistance in the process of leaving the AIA application field and authorizing the storage activities.

SHELTER activities

We have provided technical assistance necessary for carrying out the following activities:





  • Preparation of the technical documentation for the request for decommissioning of systems pursuant to art. 1 c. 56 letter b) of Law 239/2004;
  • Technical preparation of communications and documentation for the exit from the scope of the AIA Decree 368/2010;
  • Participation in the CdS and technical tables c / o Lombardy Region for the authorization process of the conversion project;
  • Preparation of the general plan for the disposal of refining activities;
  • Obtaining authorizations for atmospheric emissions (CTE) and liquid effluents for storage issued by the Province of Cremona.

Other projects

ESIA and IPPC permits
IPPC permit