Regulatory compliance

Service: Compliance

Abstract: We have provided support to an EPC contractor for the realization of an onshore and offshore project in Vietnam. We participated in an international team for the identification and implementation of a Regulatory Compliance Plan, the definition of environmental compliance criteria, an Environmental Management Plan and an input data register for ESHIA.

Client: Oil&Gas.

Period: 2019-2020.

Initial Client Situation

The project will exploit a gas field in central Vietnam and includes the construction of an offshore platform located approximately 85 km from the coast of central Vietnam (depth ~ 242 m) and a gas treatment plant (GTP) located onshore.

The offshore platform will be interconnected with several extraction wells, offshore pipelines for the transport of gas and condensate to an onshore gas treatment plant (GTP).

SHELTER activities

We participated in an international team for the identification and implementation of a Regulatory Compliance Plan, identifying the requirements to be complied with during the project engineering.

We have prepared the following documents:

  • Environmental regulatory compliance criteria applicable to the project;
  • Environmental Management Plan (Onshore and Offshore). This plan assessed all the environmental impacts (air emissions, wastewater, noise, waste) in order to identify any mitigation measures aimed at minimizing the impacts and in order to identify actions for ensure compliance with environmental and regulatory requirements;
  • Register of gas, liquid emissions and waste in the various project phases (construction, commissioning and operation);
  • Input data register for ESHIA.

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