HSE Support

Service: Compliance

Abstract: Support to the Client in order to assure the HSE compliance during the operation phase of a regassification plant. In detail, we work beside the Client in order to ensure the compliance with the higher international standard as established by the shareholder.

Client: Oil&Gas.

Period: 2011-2020.

Initial Client Situation

To ensure compliance with the stringent environmental requirements, the company needed to identify a partner who assisted it during the operation of its regasification plant.

SHELTER activities

Assistance on HSE and regulatory issues by a dedicated specialist team on call.
In detail, the environmental technical support is focused on the following sectors:




  • Coordination and revision of the documents prepared for the renewal of the Integrated Environmental Authorization.
  • Coordination and review of EIA screening documents.
  • Coordination and revision of the documents prepared in order to highlight the "non-substantial" changes.
  • Coordination and management of Continuous Monitoring Systems of Atmospheric Emissions (CEMS).
  • Emission trading (audit, authorization updating procedures and monitoring plan).
  • Waste management (audit, waste management plan, implementation of SISTRI).
  • Verification of legislative compliance;
  • HSE training.Monitoring and Control Plan.
  • Data interpretation and technical evaluation of specific environmental survey of the marine environment.
  • Preparation and revision of the documentation necessary for the transmission of periodic reports to the Competent Authority and / or to the Control Bodies.
  • Authority-Company interface and management of communications to and from the CA.
  • Update of the register of applicable laws on a monthly basis and determination of legal obligations, permits and letters entering via database.
  • Management of prescriptions from AIA (quarterly submission of the DAP).
  • Verification of compliance with EIA requirements.
  • Support for fire fighting, HS risk assessments.
  • Coordination and revision of the documents prepared for the renewal of the Safety Report pursuant to Legislative Decree 105/2015.

Other projects

Regulatory compliance
HSE management